It’s not about learning the rules of the game. It’s about playing the game better than your contesters. 

Your Brand Is The Ambassador Of Your Company

Believe it or not, people always choose brands whose missions resonate with them, because a product itself might add convenience to your daily routine, but it won’t bring meaning to your existence. A clear and concise message from you can encourage someone to strive for something greater. Coherent branding is how to turn a group of regular customers into a community of loyal followers.

We’ll Make A Brand Out Of You

“Well, what’s branding anyway? Isn’t it just a glorified logo?” Nothing could be further from the truth. Branding is a ladder. It consists of many rungs taking you from research to application. At DSTRCT Media we build the rungs and hold the rails when you climb them. It all starts with

Brand Strategy Development 

Brand Audit

The purpose here is to assess your existing brand’s strengths and weaknesses against the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitors. The process typically includes a survey of your competitive landscape, followed by a deeper analysis, and ending with an audit report where we offer our conclusions, suggestions, and detailed plan of world domination. Evil genius audio track is sent along with the report as a freebie.

Brand Positioning

When you think of BP, you think of how your target audience perceives your brand. Articulating your unique value proposition in a convincing and digestible manner is the first crack that will soon turn into a rift of differentiation, setting you apart from the competitors. When you read our Brand Positioning Statement, you will know exactly how to materialize this crack. They don’t call us ‘crackheads’ for nothing.

Target Audience

Knowing which group of people is most likely to buy into whatever you’re selling is the knowledge to die for. Our primary goal is to make sure you don’t die. On top of that, we identify the demographics and psychographics of your target audience, outlining everything you need to know about them – from their age and lifestyle to their interests and quirks.

Moving On To Tangible Assets

“Okay, analyze this, identify that… I get it. When are you going to make my business look good?” Hold your horses! Now that we have the data, we are embarking on a new journey, and this time there will be cake. And rainbows. You don’t want to gallop through this stage, as it will be a delicious and magnificent experience. We hope you’re ready for 


Visual Identity

Now that your strategy is ready for deployment, we start creating the overall image of your brand. With this step, we work out your signature colors and set the atmosphere by creating a mood board. We design your social media banners and profile pictures, layers and fonts. Finally, we create or recreate your logo in several variations for various use cases.  To know more about our design process and its significance click here:


Brand Voice

This step is all about the distinct personality of your brand. Consistency with how your brand presents itself will pay off in the long run, as people start to associate your particular tone, mannerism, sense of humor, or any other defining feature of your voice with various aspects of their lives. Everyone knows what ‘Kafkaesque’ or ‘Lovecraftian’ means – these terms wouldn’t exist, had these writers failed to manifest their voice in such compelling and exceptional works of fiction. When you hear ‘I’m Lovin’ It,’ you think of McDonalds, while ‘Just Do It’ makes you think of Nike. Composing a brand voice takes practice, dedication, experience, and a barrelful of coffee. But the result is always worth it.


Brand Guidebook

The almanac of your brand that binds together all the above and much more. We create digital guidelines with all the designs we’ve developed and rules for their effective usage, including:

Logo Clear Space

Ensure that your logo will blend in with your marketing materials.

Logo DOS and DONT’S

Position your logo the right way in different layouts.

Brand Colors

Apply colors from your custom color palette and utilize the right layers for backgrounds and texts.

Brand Voice

Brand Voice

Email Signatures

Add a professional touch to every email you send.

Brand Fonts and Typography

Your signature fonts alongside the best layout options for your brochures, business cards and marketing banners.


create visual examples of how your brand embodies itself that might include Instagram feed, X and Facebook posts and merch for the customers, and much more.

Brand Story

summarizes your guidebook with the history of your company, its mission, purpose and core values.

Hi, I‘m Stacy. I’m sure you have some questions and creative ideas, so let's hear it! Creativity is intelligence having fun, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

So, I’ve got my brand all done and ready. What are my next steps?
I already have a corporate brand but need help with a new product. Can you assist in Consumer Branding?
Do you work with smaller companies or startups?
I have a brand targeted at adults, but we want to launch some products for kids as well. Do we need another brand?
So, I’ve got my brand all done and ready. What are my next steps?

Your next step is using it as intended. Which means communicating with the brand voice during your marketing campaigns and on social media. As your business expands, the goals and even core values might change. When you are ready to reach out to a different audience, we’ll be here to modify or even recreate your Brand Strategy and Brand Identity.

I already have a corporate brand but need help with a new product. Can you assist in Consumer Branding?

Of course! In fact, Consumer Branding consists of the same steps as the development of a brand for a company. These are assessment, positioning and target audience studies, then visual identity creation – the only difference is that Consumer Branding requires more attention on the stage of community building, which means that product brands must be active on social media and marketplaces.

Do you work with smaller companies or startups?

Absolutely! We work with companies and individuals of all shapes and sizes, be it a megacorporation or a single squid person looking for his long-lost home. No project is small for us, no ambition is unworthy of being fulfilled. No matter how small you think your business is, proper Branding will be a game-changer.

I have a brand targeted at adults, but we want to launch some products for kids as well. Do we need another brand?

This will depend on your corporate structure and aspirations. It’s totally fine to launch several different consumer brands within a single company. It’s equally fine to create another corporate brand if the children’s goods maker is your subsidiary, or you plan to expand the product range, and a single consumer brand will not be able to accommodate the product variety. Share the details of your situation with us, and we will find the best way forward together!