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Creating experiences that leave people yearning for more.

DSTRCT Media’s UI/UX designs are sleek and unobtrusive but crucial for your business, as they make your app and website the best ones in the game, ensuring your client retention and loyalty. Have an odd-looking app? Or maybe a nice one, but with no downloads? Welcome, we’ll make it right in no time! If you don‘t have anything besides your Facebook account yet, we are eager to help as well! A solid UI/UX design may turn a start-up into an industry giant.

What are we really talking about? Well, UI (User Interface) is what your users see on your application or website, while UX (User Experience) is how they interact with it. UI focuses on functionality and visuals ranging from the color scheme of your product to its fonts, icons and layouts. UX is all about how fast your app or website is working, how accessible and intuitive it is, how easy it is to navigate. UI and UX can’t exist without each other but are not in any way interchangeable. Interactive elements like (buttons) are the best way to prove it. A button may look catchy, but few will notice it at the bottom of a scroll bar. We make it easier for users to navigate your interface. And, more importantly, come back for more. Here is how:



First things first, we must figure out what kind of product is in your hands, and what it aims for. What purpose does it serve? How can it melt more hearts? If answering all those questions right now seems too hard – leave it to us.



Here, at DSTRCT Media, we have a team of designers obsessed with ergonomics, that is, making things not merely comfortable but brand-new level so. With years of experience comes the understanding of the user’s psychology – we establish what clicks with your users and more importantly, what they click. Our seasoned developers know exactly what your audience expects and where the existing interfaces are lacking. After testing your product or hearing your ideas of a future one, the UI/UX Design team plunges into the process of research that includes:

Industry trends analysis 

Testing the usability of your application or website if you already have them

Gathering feedback on your existing application or website
Gathering data on your target audience motivation, behavior and goals to address their needs through our design 
User Stories
Writing User Stories describing who will use your interface and how they can get totally satisfied with the experience



Think of this step as a starting point to materialize your dream interface. We create wireframes that are the bones of a future website or application prototypes, or a closer-to-life version of the product, mockups and User Stories alongside other technical high-level roadmaps. Then we design the navigation and structure all the content that a user is going to see.  

The prototyping stage is all about: 

Value for the user



With this step done, you can not only interact with your audience in the most productive way but show who you are, present the uniqueness of your brand. With this in mind, we develop your visual language, from color scheme and layouts to iconography and typography. This process includes designing all the elements people can interact with. It takes a combination of a perfectly fitted UI and UX Design to make your interface outstanding.



Testing the product is an essential part of its development. Here we can examine it from a user’s viewpoint but with years of experience in mind. We identify where it could be improved before letting people in.



The step where designs come to life with the help of our development team. That’s your moment to celebrate, but our work doesn’t stop with your product going live. We monitor the feedback and user data to ensure constant improvement in your users’ experience.

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Now that we’ve explained the process for those who wanted more details, it’s time to demonstrate some of our cases. Click here to look at the work we’ve done:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UI/UX Design important for my website or application or business?
What kind of software are you using for UI/UX Design?
What is the typical timeline for UI/UX Design?
How do you stay on top of the latest trends in UI/UX Design?
Why is UI/UX Design important for my website or application or business?

Optimizing user experience helps clients to spend less time navigating through pages in a desperate attempt to find what they need. So, eventually, the quality of your UI/UX is directly proportional to your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. A well-designed UI increases the conversion rate up to 200% and up to 400% using a better UX design. It also improves SEO and generates website traffic. Now, to put it in perspective, a strong, well-researched UX and UI help you not only understand your audience, but saves you time, money and energy in the long run.

What kind of software are you using for UI/UX Design?

Our UI/UX designers use Figma and Adobe XD to create prototypes, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for designing assets. When prototyping for especially complex projects we use game engines like Godot.

What is the typical timeline for UI/UX Design?

It can take 1-2 months to develop UI/UX Design for a complex project, but every project is unique. We might be able to complete your project in a matter of days! The timeline would depend on your specifications and goals. At DSTRCT Media we care a lot about our UI/UX Design quality, but we are also adamant about following the deadlines. So, our first step would be a conversation with you. From there, we can estimate a realistic timeline for your project.

How do you stay on top of the latest trends in UI/UX Design?

The UI/UX Design industry is growing and evolving by the minute. Even though our designers have skills and experience, we believe that there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we follow current trends and do the research required to predict the “next big thing”. At DSTRCT Media we have dedicated designers that live and breathe what they create. That’s why they are always in touch with UI/UX communities, forums and experts.