Graphic Design

Your vibe, our visuals.

If You Can’t See It, It Doesn’t Exist

Many companies with an impressive customer base only care about their product, paying no attention to its presentation. This approach backfires when your clients find someone new with an equally good product on a better metaphorical display. In order to stay competitive and expand your business, obtaining high quality graphic design is crucial. DSTRCT Media is your one-stop shop for all your design needs.

Good Design Whispers To You

Graphic design is everywhere. Your favorite T-shirt, a bag of chips your kids are always trying to sneak into your shopping cart, even that pile of vouchers your wife has been collecting for several years. We approach the real world as we do design projects showcased online, dissecting everything, including lighting, composition and fonts, to see how they combine to make a statement. Some designs may look bold at first, other ones are quiet and have an ‘in the know’ appeal. But for any design to start working, people must get used to it and perceive only your message rather than its visual envelope, which is why your story is always the starting point for our efforts.  Our goal is to find the best fit in the design world for you!

Design Something? Design Everything? You Decide!

Logo Design

A logo is the same thing as your website domain except you want people to remember it, since they can’t add it to bookmarks. Our team of talented designers and illustrators can create your logo from scratch or refine the one you already have. Whereas there is no search engine showing if someone made a similar logo before, we could browse huge databases inside our minds and computers to turn any average-looking logo into an awesome and unique one.

Social Media Style Customization

As you’ve probably guessed, a designer alone cannot fully control the process of your social media accounts becoming stylish, quirky, whatever you like them to be. But we are pros at designing swaggy and futuristic banners and profile pictures. We also enjoy creating characters based either on your persona or on any value that your business embodies, and you can use them as your social media avatar or make them your mascots and take everywhere you go. Having a unique aesthetic of your online presence helps you start featuring ads that generate revenue, increase the conversion rate or just make a beautiful feed for your followers to like and share.


You might be thinking: “I can do it myself. I’ll just take my brand’s name, put it on a T-shirt – boom, merch!” Oh, how nice that would be had it ever worked. It’s good enough for your dad, but it doesn’t excite the public. At DSTRCT Media we create imagery that is worth putting on a T-shirt. Or mugs, stickers, wrappers, phone cases. Tell us what your dream merch item is, and we will adjust the forms and colors for the picture to fit your merch perfectly. We will also save you time and energy by providing a format that printing companies need. You’ll never have to wonder about RGB or CMYK color models.

Postcards, Brochures and Greeting Cards

A simple postcard can be a precious little addition to your product. A brochure or a leaflet that people can grab at cafes and night clubs goes a long way. So why don’t you gamify the relations with the audience? You can also make your clients feel appreciated by sending a greeting card for major holidays. DSTRCT Media will help you discover the right design to achieve your goals.

Business Cards

No matter if you’re saying, “Hullo, it’s me!” to your partners or clients, we make your business cards look straightforward and nice to keep. Our goal is to organize every detail of your company into a neat and relevant structure and to make the product look and feel special.

Corporate Magazines

Depending on your purpose, they might be beautifully designed newsletters for your employees or intricate coffee table books for your target audience. Tell us any story you have in mind, and we will take care of choosing the right outlook for the project, embed content into pages, illustrate it and get it ready to meet your curious readers.


You may ask what today’s trends in this vibrant field are, and we have plenty of ideas to share with you! Whether you want a compelling yet extensive corporate presentation or an attractive product card for a marketplace – we’re here to help. At DSTRCT Media we’ve mastered the art of visual storytelling. We are here to take your raw data and transform it into a dynamic and strategic marketing asset.

Aloha! I’m Trisha. What else would you like to know? I‘m all for answering your beautiful questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys have a portfolio somewhere?
How much does it cost and when do I pay?
What is my involvement in the process?
How long will it take you to complete my design?
Will the artwork be my property?
Do you guys have a portfolio somewhere?

Of course. We gather our works here*link*. Just to keep ‘em safe. 

How much does it cost and when do I pay?

We know that you wouldn’t be impressed by this answer, but it depends. Each project is as unique as a snowflake in its scope and complexity, hence different amounts of time required to complete the whole task, meaning a different cost. The good news is that all these factors cease to be mysterious at our first meeting on the project, and it is then that the cost is defined, no changes, no extra fees. It is even better that you pay only when you are completely satisfied with the result! 

What is my involvement in the process?

We would be very glad if anyone volunteered for the design team at DSTRCT Media. We would even share our coffee, cookies, and giggles. We’re here to ease your burden, but your involvement in the creative process can be as major as you want it to be! 

How long will it take you to complete my design?

Great question! One that we ask ourselves on the meeting whenever we start working on a new project. Once we make up our mind, our decision is as precise as a blade, and a deadline means that one who doesn‘t meet it dies horribly. Theoretically speaking of course, as no one in DSTRCT Media ever failed to meet a deadline. 

Will the artwork be my property?

Absolutely. After we’re done and you are happy with the result – all the rights are transferred to you.