Animations & Motion Design

Where your artwork comes to life invigorating the pounding heart of your business.

Animation Means to Invoke Life,
Not to Imitate it

Since you’ve come to this page, you know as well as we do that Animations and Motion Design are not just for kids. Grown guys and gals all over the world want a distraction from their daily boredom, no one feels guilty for watching a cartoon or two, so why let other companies steal people’s attention from you and your brand? Be bold, welcome to the scene! You can make someone’s day. Here, at DSTRCT Media, we offer a wide range of Animation services. We’ve done it all: from simple presentations and short loops to corporate tutorials and medical explainers. Our passion is to create unforgettable and enchanting imagery that will touch the hearts of your audience. Gently, of course. We don’t want to cause any heart attacks.

Want To Cause An Emotion?
Set Your Story In Motion!

Have you ever wondered why so many companies are choosing Animation and Motion Design services? First and foremost, they solve problems.

Struggle to explain your product in simple terms?

Need to showcase the features of your software in a fun and engaging way?

Want your target audience to remember the details of your brand the first thing in the morning?  

Animation can do all of that, and so much more. That’s why we offer:


Whether your idea needs a little shaping, or you have no idea where to begin – don’t fret. We have a team of talented writers and content creators that can take away your pain. From concept to script and a storyboard – we make sure our creation is in line with your brand at every step.


Rumor has it that our animation designers can see more colors than an average human being. We believe it. They kind of look like lizards too. Driven by vehement passion for their craft, empowered by intimate knowledge of animation software, they will turn your wildest ideas into palpable reality.


Your animation is ready, and now it’s just about rendering it! Thrilling, isn’t it? No, it’s not. Unless you are thrilled about staring at your system dying in front of you for 30 hours straight. Most companies will charge you extra and make you wait for days, if not weeks, as computers are overwhelmed by the rendering process. Unlike most companies, DSTRCT Media is partnered with render farms that essentially eliminate all issues related to the process, including ridiculous amounts of time it takes to render a full feature 3D movie.


2D Animations

Our team excels in all kinds of 2D Animation, and every frame we make has its own story to tell. 2D Animation is versatile and visually appealing. It can be a spell that bounds the attention of your audience leaving them entranced by the magic of your brand.

Rigging & tweening

If these words sound like voodoo to you – we’re here to confuse you even further. These techniques are widely used in animation for creating feature movies, cartoons and games. To put it simple, you “rig” a 2D character by adding “bones” and meshes and adjusting the intricate nuances of its movement. When your rig is complete, this character can be used in all kinds of animations, especially those that require inbetweening, or “tweening”, which means inserts between the key frames for a smooth flow. Utilizing these techniques greatly speeds up the production of full feature animated content.

Frame-by-frame animation

Classical animation process where the whole project is drawn by hand. Frame-by-frame animation is very demanding for skill and experience, as well as an eye for beauty. Here at DSTRCT Media we have a team of talented artists who don’t have the word “impossible” in their vocabulary. If you want your story to have astonishing visuals and a unique handcrafted feel, you came to the right place.

Vector animations

Vector animations are budget-friendly, fast to produce and universally applicable. DSTRCT Media provides vector animation services for branding, websites, applications, social media content and many more. Vector animation is a simple yet effective way to spice up your existing content or make your corporate tutorials and presentations worth watching even in spare time.

Plus laptop device


3D Animations

Don’t let our website’s vivacious design catch you off guard – we can be serious if the situation calls for it. We’re proud to have experienced 3D artists in our team, adept in modeling, sculpting, rigging, and animating any kind of 3D projects. Be it a simple 3D asset, or an intricate surgery tutorial with a detailed replica of the human body, don’t hesitate to put us to the test with any ideas. Adding some flavor to your marketing strategy, creating a whole new world of fantastic creatures, or modelling a whole new Galaxy – DSTRCT Media never backs down from a challenge.


Motion Design  

Motion design is an umbrella term for a variety of techniques. It can be incorporated into any industry in the form of application design, typography, movie credits among other things. Which is also why it often goes unnoticed. At DSTRCT Media we don’t play by the rules. Our goal is to focus on your product’s vitality over its virality. In a world full of trends, we want your content to remain a classic.

Hey, I’m Moses! Nice to meet you! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I can talk about animations all day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your usual timeline for a 2D or 3D movie?
Why should I outsource Animation Services? 
What software and tools do you use for Animation?
Can existing images or footage be incorporated into a 2D or 3D animation?
Is it possible to create interactive animations using 2D or 3D techniques?
What is your usual timeline for a 2D or 3D movie?

Every product is unique and special to us. That is why we discuss timelines individually with every client. It all comes down to the scope of your project. We closely examine it to provide realistic deadlines. And we don’t joke about deadlines here at DSTRCT Media.

Why should I outsource Animation Services? 

First and foremost, because it’s easy. But more importantly, because at DSTRCT Media we have years of expertise allowing us to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Living in a fast-paced digital era with social media dominating the market, people make content for trends. Our team works together to create a product that sets trends and becomes timeless.

What software and tools do you use for Animation?

We use a variety of tools for different purposes. Blender for 3d modeling, 3d animation and sculpting, Toon Boom Harmony for rigging and tweening. Adobe Animate with Adobe After Effects is used for frame-by-frame 2d animations and rigging. Adobe Illustrator with Photoshop – frame-by-frame 2d animations. Yet, those are only the digital tools, the meatspace ones are hard to even enumerate, pencil, risograph, all sorts of paints and dyes, a stinky solvent, scissors and glue – but the main tool is creativity, of course.

Can existing images or footage be incorporated into a 2D or 3D animation?

No probs! Sometimes, companies need to show their product as it looks on the shelf or share a live performance without sacrificing the playful mood of a cartoon. The amalgamation between regular video footage and cartoons started in the 1930s with Betty Boop playing an angry dentist. Of course, you’ve also seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit, that was 40 years ago, just imagine! So, yes, sure we can incorporate any existing images into 2D and 3D animation, and vice versa. It is also possible to combine 2D and 3D elements in a single video or even frame to create space illusions, this is done routinely with video editing tools. If any of these techniques seem to fit your style, feel free to ask us to use them!

Is it possible to create interactive animations using 2D or 3D techniques?

We make them with ease! The only difference between a normal and an interactive cartoon is that your audience must push the buttons to play with the latter, this is why we should think beforehand, when and where to publish it for maximum engagement. TikTok is a good space, but it doesn’t fit. After we’ve finished plotting the release, we will craft scenarios for each button combination, so your audience can play the video repeatedly while learning more about your product. Once this is done, our Animation and UI/UX teams will work together to astonish you with a personalized interactive movie.